Kbeauty Makeup Ideas for Singles Day

To all the single people out there, the day has come to embrace your singlehood with friends! Who says being single calls for a pity party, if you’re confident and enjoying your singlehood then it’s all good isn’t it? We’re here to give you guys a few makeup ideas on how to look your best and strut through rows of couples down the streets with confidence!

Don’t wanna seem too “over” with the makeup but need some tips to power up your daily makeup skills? Take a look at Risabae’s Instagram makeup tutorial below and learn a few beauty hacks from her! We’ve got the feeling that putting on a peach-tinted blush with naturally defined eyebrows and a bold lip colour is really all you need to wear that confidence on the outside.

Similar peach blushers: 3D Face Lovely Stick, Bling Bling Cheek

Similar natural brow products: Brow Tint Marker, Easy Quick Dual Brow Pencil

Similar bold reddish lip products: Cushion Lip, Fixing Tint

Feeling pretty in pink definitely, helps to boost our confidence. Here’s a way we can pinkify our look without losing the strong women vibes. As one of the top Korean Beauty Youtubers out there, Pony has a lot to share about portraying your confidence through different makeup styles. We personally feel that the Pink Gold Glittery Makeup is perfect for some girlish yet independent lady feels.

Base Makeup: W-Snow Cover Tip Stick

Eyeshadow palette: Play Color Eyes #Wine Party

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