DIY the Perfect K-beauty Gift Set

Racking your brains to think of the perfect gift to show your appreciation for someone? To celebrate a certain milestone in life? Well, don’t just get the same notebooks and pens anyone else would! Personalize your own gift basket with K-beauty products! It’s possibly the best gift you could give anyone. Show your thought by curating them according to your receiver’s skin type and preferences and they’re bound to love it!

Here’re a few products we think would be good to include in your gift sets based on the occasion!

AHC x Marymond Eyecream Limited Edition Set 

What’s so good about this set is its intricate packaging and that AHC is a brand known for its effective skin care products. It’s a handy little product that can be applied anytime anywhere especially if you’re giving it to someone who stares at the computer all day, or works all night and needs this!

Egg Modeling Pack

How about a fun mask pack that your receiver can share with his/her family and friends? This mask pack is a DIY mask pack made from soft jelly egg mix! Not only is it an interesting product they can do together as a family, but also one that purifies pores, and soothes externally irritated and stressed skin! What a good way to bond over healthy skin~

Dear Dahlia Products

No need to waste money on wrapping paper when the packaging of your gifts are already made of marble patterns! It’s so pretty you can just pick a few lovely lipsticks or cushions and gift them to your loved ones and best friends! Dear Dahlia’s a new brand on our site so do check them out!

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