Introducing: W.Lab Sebum Out Deep Cleansing Stick

What is this Sebum Out Deep Cleansing Stick? If you’ve heard or used the K-beauty blogger favourite Sebum Peel Off Pack and basked in its wonderful effects then you’ll be shocked at how amazing the Sebum Out Deep Cleansing Stick is for your skin as well.

Made with a Charcoal cleanser on one side and a silicone brush on the other, this product is a 2-in-1 blackhead and impurities remover that effectively clears away the dirt and potential blackheads in your pores! It’s easy to use and can be applied anywhere on your face.

Spread the product over the areas where you want to use this product, with the charcoal cleanser side and massage it into your face.

Then turn the product over and use the silicon brush side and it’ll clean away the impurities and sebum in your pores!

It’s even easy to clean off just like the gif below, just rinsing with water alone is fine! It’s also small and portable, perfect for the holiday period too! You can bring your skincare along with you if you’re afraid of missing out on pampering yourself for a week while away!

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