Trying Out The Cosmetea Foundation

The Cosmetea EE Cream Foundation Pact comes with a 4D Face Lift Roller as you can see in the gif below! It’s a good way to exercise those facial muscles and for a lifting effect before applying your makeup. If you’re looking for a V-shaped jawline, this tool will probably be your best friend. Check out Yoonstar as she tries out the Cosmetea foundation!

The foundation pact comes with a silicon puff instead of a normal cushion puff! It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t absorb the moisture from the product, so when you apply the product to your face it’s still hydrating!

The marbling of the foundation contains 3 things, essence, base, and foundation!

This product is both great if you’re buying it for yourself, or as a gift because it only comes in one shade! No worries though, this product accustoms according to the shade of your skin and it ends up with good coverage while brightening your tone!

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