Top 3 Products For Glowing Skin

It’s gonna be the Lunar New Year in a couple of weeks and we’re here to introduce some holy grail Kbeauty products for trouble-free, glowing skin by then!

W.Lab All Clear Mint Pack

The W.Lab All Clear Mint Pack is our go-to exfoliator because of its cooling sensation on the skin! As its name suggests, the ingredients include Mint (of course), Centella Extract, Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract and other relaxing properties. In addition to that, it also consists of Almond Powder, finely ground to provide its exfoliating feature. It effectively removes your dead skin and excess sebum on your face!

W.Lab Milk Bubble Body Scrub

Now that the exfoliation for your face is done, rest assured we have something for the dead skin on your body too! This Milk Bubble Body Scrub consists of a body scrub, massage gel and body wash all in one! It makes your skin smooth and glowy after the shower and it comprises of safe (mild) ingredients! The exfoliation is mainly done by the fine Walnut powder grains in the solution to remove impurities from your body. It also contains Milk Protein Extract, which explains the foaming of the body scrub and you can use it as a body wash as well. This is all you need to glow from top to bottom!


W.Lab Honey Beam Mask

After exfoliation, it’s always important to hydrate your skin! Hence, the W.Lab Honey Beam Mask serves to nourish your skin and keep it healthy with the Nourishing Trio: Honey + Propolis + Royal Jelly! It adheres extremely well to the skin and provides soothing properties. Feel relaxed and enjoy the cooling sensation of the mask on your skin while you take a nap and by the time you remove this mask, your skin will look refreshed and absolutely radiant.


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