ARESA takes pride by having affordable Korean beauty products for all our customers.
By signing up an account with ARESA, you get to enjoy authentic Korean Cosmetics not just at amazing prices but also with attractive rebates.
Earn these rebates through ARESA’s Invitation Reward System!

ARESA Beaute has created a reward system to provide incentives for everyone who uses and introduces ARESA Beaute’s platform to people around them.

How to enjoy these rewards?

Simply by registering an account with ARESA.

Once done:

For every product(s) purchased, you will receive ARESA Credits. You can also receive ARESA Credits by topping up your ARESA Wallet (which can be located on your account page). These ARESA Credits can be transferred to your ARESA Wallet upon request and be used for your future purchases!

To learn more about ARESA Wallet and Credits, click here.

The amount of ARESA Credits that you will receive will depend on the total cost of the product (excluding shipping cost) you have purchased on ARESA or the amount you topped up into your ARESA Wallet.

The percentage of rebate is shown in the table below:

You will also have your own unique invitation URL which can be found under Invitation Reward Area at your account page.
When a new user registers an account using your unique invitation URL, they will become your invitee.
Whenever they make a purchase or top up their ARESA Wallet, you will receive ARESA Credits as well!

To learn more about your own invitation URL, click here.

The amount of credit rebate you and your invitee will earn can be found below:member-benefits-table-2

However, your rebates do not just end with your invitees. It can be extended to a maximum total of five tiers (including yourself)!

To illustrate:

There will be five tiers in the reward system as shown below:

Whenever you, a distributor in this illustration, invites a friend on board, he/she will be deemed as the wholesaler.
Your friends can then further extend their invitation to others and they will be deemed as retailers. This can be carried on until the consumer level.

Whenever a retailer, customer or a consumer purchase products on ARESA (or top up their wallet), you stand to gain ARESA Credits according to the percentage stated below:



In this example, when the consumer E purchased SGD $600 worth of products, both the buyer and his/her inviter gets 10% rebates in ARESA Credits.
Retailer C, wholesaler B and distributor A (yourself) get a rebate percentage of 2%, 1 % and 0.5 respectively.

So what are you waiting for? Start inviting your friends now with your unique invitation URL and get ready to be rewarded!

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If you have enquiries on ARESA’s Membership Benefit, check out our FAQs section or email us at!