Gudetama Lazy & Easy Stiquick Nail Kit

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The nail kit consists of nail stickers and high-gloss base & top coat using Gudetama’s daily life as motif. It expresses witty art nail fast and easily.

Nail stickers – 2 sheets
High gloss base & top coat – 6ml

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Holika holika gudetama lazy & easy sti-quick nail kit sticker shows gudetama’s daily life, which reflects our lives. The stickers that depict gudetama’s daily life and deco designs help you express witty looks unique to you. Easy and fast nail art express witty nail art singly or with nail polish color.
Even beginners can express nail art fast and easily. Highly shiny base & top coat the ingredient of hydrolyzed protein protects dull, flaky nails, and the ingredient of argan oil makes nails look moisturized and shiny.

How to use:
1. Remove moisture and oil from nails.
2. Apply Base & Top coat or your desired nail polish color on the nails and completely dry.
3. Select and remove a sticker with tweezers or hand.
4. Place the sticker on your finger and press in detail to attach.
5. To enhance the sustaining power of the sticker, apply Base & Top Coat as a finishing touch.


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