Milk Bubble Body Scrub

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Body scrub, massage gel and body wash all in one.


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Body scrub, massage gel and body wash all in one.
Natural scrub ingredient granules.
3 Step (Scrub -> Massage gel -> Milk bubbles body wash)

How To Use:
1. Rinse body with water and massage onto body.
2. Lather and massage bubbles. Use shower ball or towel to lather bubbles.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.body_scrub_01 body_scrub_02 body_scrub_03 body_scrub_04 body_scrub_05 body_scrub_06 body_scrub_07 body_scrub_08 body_scrub_09 body_scrub_10 body_scrub_11 body_scrub_12 body_scrub_13 body_scrub_14 body_scrub_15 body_scrub_16 body_scrub_17 body_scrub_18 body_scrub_19 body_scrub_20 body_scrub_21 body_scrub_22 body_scrub_23 body_scrub_24 body_scrub_25 body_scrub_26 body_scrub_27 body_scrub_28 body_scrub_29 body_scrub_30


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